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Things to Know about Arnica Montana Dosage

Arnica is perhaps the most popular homeopathic remedy today, but it is important to note that the Arnica montana dosage to be taken by any individual should depend on one’s sensitivity and condition.

Arnica Montana Potency

There is no standard arnica montana dosage or any particular dose that is most recommended; there are many different doses for different uses. Appropriate doses must first be discussed with your healthcare professional, and you should always read the product’s label carefully before taking anything.

Arnica is toxic when taken orally unless it is diluted in homeopathic doses such as 30X or 200D potency. What do these dosage codes mean?

Guide to Arnica Dosage

In homeopathy, the X, L, or C pertains to the number of parts of water (or any other diluent) that one part of the Arnica tincture is diluted in. The letters X, L, and C are Roman numerals that signify 10, 50, and 100, respectively. The number before these letters refers to the exact number of times that the Arnica tincture was diluted by that amount.

For instance, Arnica montana 6X would simply mean 1 part pure Arnica in 10 parts diluent, diluted 6 times. The final concentration then is 1 in 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 or 1 in 1,000,000. The letter M is an exception, and it refers to 1000C dilution and not 1 part in 1,000.


  • Arnica 200C means 1 part Arnica in 1 x 100200 diluent
  • Arnica 30 C means 1 part Arnica in 1 x 10030 diluent
  • Arnica 6C means 1 part Arnica in 1,000,000,000,000 (1 x 1006) diluent
  • Arnica 200X means 1 part Arnica in 1 x 10200 diluent
  • Arnica 30X means 1 part Arnica in 1 x 1030 diluent

Homeopathy is a system in medicine that is based on what is called the “like-cures-like” principle, wherein the substance that actually causes the symptoms in a healthy individual is used (in very low doses) to treat the exact same symptoms in a sick person. Thus, in homeopathy, remedies get more effective when they are more diluted: a 200C is more potent than a 6C dosage.

How much and how long to take Arnica Montana?

As a general rule, chronic illnesses, and long-existing conditions are treated with high potencies of Arnica homeopathy medicine (30X – 200C), while acute illnesses and relatively new conditions are treated with low potencies (6X or 6C). There are also cases when potencies have to be varied, such as in accidents, where a high potency is given first, followed by a lower potency towards the end of the healing process.

Another factor that determines how much and how long to take it is the homeopathic sensitivity of a patient, as some tend to be more sensitive than others, as well as the kind of remedy being taken.

For relieving pain after surgery, two doses of a 30C potency should be taken 24 hours after the surgery, or one tablet of 2C taken orally twice a day. For muscle soreness, one tablet of 30C potency is usually recommended to be taken three times daily. 24 hours before exercise and continued until the muscles recover and feel less sore. Arnica ointments and lotions are usually of 1X or 6C potency and are usually applied on sore areas two to three times a day until soreness subsides.

The right Arnica montana dosage is usually taken immediately after surgery or the onset of pain, and is continued until the swelling or bruising has subsided, and this typically ranges from one to two weeks after the onset of the condition.