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The Long List of Bilberry Benefits

Are you aware of any bilberry benefits? Everybody is practically aware of the benefits of eating strawberries, blueberries, and other kinds of berries. They have been known to possess very high levels of antioxidants. However, it’s a different story once you talk about bilberry.

Where the Bilberry Extract Comes From

The extract from bilberry, which is enriched with very healthy compounds, actually comes from the bilberry plant, which normally grows in Northern Europe. Like most of its relatives, it doesn’t develop in length. It will only be around 15 inches. It also doesn’t taste very different. It has its own tangy yet sweet flavor.

Bilberry Health Benefits

Let’s begin with the obvious. One of the most common bilberry benefits has some relation to food. A lot of people would eat them fresh, just as you do with blueberries or strawberries. They can also be added to pies and even to main courses. They can be spread on bread as a jam or converted into delicious teas and juices.

However, bilberry benefits don’t stop there. It has been proven since the earliest times that it can help combat diseases as well as keep your body in tip-top condition.

A long time ago, during the medieval ages, men and women would dine on bilberries if they wanted to relieve themselves from diarrhea or dysentery. To give it a more favorable sweet taste, the extract is made into tea and then combined with honey.

In fact, it is so effective that Commission E of Germany is recommending it as one of the best cures for diarrhea. The women, on the other hand, would use the extract to cure their menstrual cramps.

Another of the bilberry benefits has something to do with the heart. In a recent study conducted by the National Public Health Institute in Finland, it has been found that the extract has the ability to improve the platelet count of patients. It can also regulate blood pressure as well as increase good cholesterol in the blood. Thus, you have better chances of stopping the development of various cardiovascular diseases.

It may help fight against cancer. Bilberry extracts contain a considerable level of anthocyanin, which is a type of antioxidant. Together with its other good compounds, it’s able to prevent the development or slow down the growth of tumor cells in the body.

Most of all, you can take bilberry for eyes. It is widely known to improve the blood flow in the eyes, making sure that you can take care of your eyesight even as you grow older. It is also showing significant potential in treating or slowing down vascular retinopathy. This is an eye disease characterized by the degradation of the retina. Based on a study involving 40 patients, at least 77 percent of them were able to see remarkable improvement after only one month.

Should You Buy Bilberry?

Of course, you should. With the many benefits you can get out of it, you should ensure that you can make it part of your diet. However, some places may not have instant access to the fruit. The best option, therefore, is to purchase a bilberry supplement.