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Dosage for Lutein and Getting it Right

When it comes to finding the right dosage for lutein, you need to be careful that you pick one that is exactly the perfect amount.

Lutein is an antioxidant that helps the eyes, skin, cardiovascular system, and basically the whole body perform as well as it should. But in order for you to get the positive benefits, you need to take the right lutein dosage. Also, keep in mind that rutin, bilberry, lutein, and other substances work together. For more information on the benefits of lutein, see this article.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

One of the most important things when considering a dosage for lutein is that both lutein and Zeaxanthin work together in synergy. If you want your lutein to be used and absorbed fully, it needs to be paired with Zeaxanthin. They work in synergy, and this makes the lutein more effective.

Avoid Overdose

When it comes to lutein esters, it is important to avoid overdose. The only problem with that statement is that the dosage for lutein really varies depending on the person. For example, a person whose eyes are damaged may require larger amounts of antioxidants.

However, there are symptoms of overdose to keep in mind. You can use that as a benchmark. If you are taking too large of an amount of your lutein supplement, your skin will start to get an orange or brown tint.

Dosage for Lutein Supplements

So what is the right lutein dosage? In general, you will want to follow the instructions listed on the manufacturer’s packaging. Lutein supplements are all designed differently, so it is a good idea to get advice from the packaging. If the package doesn’t have any, you may want to call the company. If you feel you need more lutein, why not eat lutein-rich foods instead of taking a supplement? Or, you can contact your holistic health expert.

When it comes to taking Lutein, one of the best products out there for the eyes and for the whole body is

Total Balance by Xtend-Life. It features around 80 nutrients that are all specially selected and blended to enhance your state of health. It contains all the vital nutrients for eye health, including lutein, Zeaxanthin, bilberry extract, and glutathione.