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Why Choose Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

If you have been reading about omega-3 supplements, most write-ups will advise you to take only pharmaceutical-grade, molecularly distilled fish oil supplements. I have discussed pharmaceutical-grade fish oil before. Now I would like to talk about molecular distillation and why it is a must in purified fish oil.

First, let me remind you why it is important to choose your omega-3 supplement well. With fish oils, there is a slight danger because some fish sources may contain toxic chemicals such as mercury and PBAs due to environmental contamination. Toxins such as mercury in fish oil will undoubtedly bring danger to your health.

However, this should not stop you from taking fish oil supplements. The health benefits of fish oil are just too important to forego. To ensure safety and effectiveness, you should choose high-purity, molecularly distilled fish oil.

What is molecular distillation anyway? Molecular distillation is a purification method that is conducted in a vacuum. It is actually an industrial standard procedure that is best for the purification of vitamins. Molecular distillation is the only process that can effectively remove metals, PCBs, and other harmful toxins to a level that is perfectly safe for human consumption.

Molecular distillation is a very expensive purification method. The equipment you need and the conditions required are expensive and difficult. Not all fish oil supplement manufacturers have the resources to produce molecularly distilled fish oil.

In fact, other companies simply produce fish oil only by one straight, filtration process. After this lenient filtration, the fish oils are then encapsulated and bottled. A simple filtration process obviously will not take away much of the toxins. Hopefully, these companies’ fish sources do not have as much contaminants. But we can only hope. The question is: are you going to risk your health with these cheap fish oil supplements?

On the other hand, note also that molecular distillation as a purification process uses a solvent for distillation. This is also an important factor to consider. Some companies use hexane as a solvent because it is cheap. Sadly, hexane can retain residual components, so it may not be very efficient in removing harmful substances that may have been ingested by the fish.

Better fish oil supplement manufacturers use ethanol (food grade) which does not leave residual components. With ethanol, you get the purest fish oil possible at the end of this highly tedious process.

The next time you buy fish oil, make sure that you take notice of the purification method used for its production.

When buying fish oil, never go for something less than molecularly distilled fish oil. You owe your health and yourself the right choice, so please make the right decision.